Governance 10 is almost here: Tell us your wish for 2021!

Do you want to know what we're bringing to 2021? "Tell us your wish for 2021." Client: "I wish I could generate my...

Governance 10 is coming soon: Tell us your wish

Have a look at what we have coming... "Tell us your wish for 2021." Client: "I wish I had someone to tell me what to...

Governance 10: Tell us your wish for 2021!

Take a sneak peak of what's to come... "Tell us your wish for 2021" Client: "I wish I could present our control risk...
  • Dec 17
  • 3 min

FinTech Entrepreneurship Program: the RegTech team talks about ESG Radar

We had the privilege to participate in the Fintech Entrepreneurship Program delivered by the Luxembourg Digital Finance Academy from 27...
  • Dec 16
  • 1 min

How to take full control of your Annual Audits and experience results in real-time

The annual audit is a legal requirement for regulated funds, which happens to be one of the most manual and cumbersome processes within the...
  • Dec 15
  • 3 min

House of Governance in Pictures

The time has come for reflection. We are at the end of tumultuous year as the Covid-19 pandemic gripped industries, reshaping the way...
  • Nov 30
  • 1 min

How Document Factory can help you cut costs through efficiency

Luxembourg Times recently published the article “Finance firms in Luxembourg set to cut costs” to cope with the impact of COVID-19.   This...
  • Nov 20
  • 1 min

Irish Fund Management Companies: managing corporate governance challenges

The Financial Times recently published an article stating that Ireland’s financial regulator has warned asset managers to correct “significant...
  • Nov 18
  • 2 min

Technology and People, key ingredients for the success of your digital meetings

Companies are constantly adapting the way they organize their corporate meetings. Technology advances, increasing regulations, and evolving...
  • Nov 12
  • 1 min

Schedule your own “end-of-year Hackathon” to speed up your process transformation

This year Covid-19 clearly highlighted the importance of boosting Digital Transformation and where you might have found it difficult to engage...