Bert Boerman

  • Jun 16
  • 4 min

What's next for FinTech and Big Finance?

Institutional Adoption of FinTech Solutions
  • Nov 12
  • 1 min

Schedule your own “end-of-year Hackathon” to speed up your process transformation

This year Covid-19 clearly highlighted the importance of boosting Digital Transformation and where you might have found it difficult to engage...
  • Oct 5
  • 5 min

How to start your Digital Transformation journey with quick results

It’s not a secret to anyone that Covid-19 has reshaped the way businesses operate worldwide. Like any other industry, the impact on financial...
  • Sep 17
  • 4 min

Compliance, the great unknown

Compliance is a hot topic, most will immediately agree with that. We see a rapidly growing demand for compliance automation solutions, and...

The 6 elements you need for a successful remote working environment

      The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate worldwide. Working from home has become our new reality making...
  • Jul 13
  • 1 min

Setting up a new office in the middle of a crisis!

It was February 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic was building, the possibility of a lock-down was already in the air,  and we had a decision to...
  • Jun 26
  • 4 min

What tech companies have to say in the digital transformation of the new normal

Digital transformation has become a hot topic worldwide in every industry alike. The recent events related to COVID-19 have accelerated the...

Meeting as a Service by

The annual general meeting is one of your key corporate governance events. But what if you cannot meet physically? How can you run your AGM...

Podcast: The Rise of RegTech in Luxembourg

Listen to our recent podcast with Thierry and Adrien from LuxUnplugged in which we discuss the following topics along with much more!   ...

How to implement the 'new normal' in your business

  As we start to move forward and begin preparing for the transition back to office, we must ensure the correct precautions are put in place.