• Jul 13
  • 3 min

To Buy or Not to Buy

Software is a major cost. Although SaaS (Software as a Service) is seriously gaining traction,  there are still businesses considering at some...
  • Jun 16
  • 4 min

What's next for FinTech and Big Finance?

Institutional Adoption of FinTech Solutions
  • May 31
  • 3 min

Coding is dead. Long live the Code!

In my last article, I described the risks of relying on Excel spreadsheets for critical business decisions and processes. 
  • May 12
  • 1 min

The Hidden Opportunity in Chaos

Effective business controls have always been important. Today, a combination of trends and factors are making them even more so. On one side,...

Selecting the best provider to boost your Digital Transformation

A depositary needs to ensure that the procedures designed to fulfil its duties are consistently and accurately executed, which can be difficult...
  • Mar 24
  • 2 min

Do you Excel?

Excel is currently the backbone of the global financial system, which I believe is a serious Governance issue. Let me elaborate.      
  • Mar 19
  • 1 min

Send us your wish to get the results you want from your Digital Transformation

      Accelerating Digital Transformation is a major need for the the Asset Management industry in 2021. Asset managers are...
  • Mar 16
  • 2 min

The Depositary Dilemma

The AIFM and UCITS Directives assign strict oversight duties to fund depositaries. The reverse burden of proof on depositary controls and the...
  • Feb 18
  • 3 min

Why you should put the relationship with your client at the center of your Digital Transformation

I firmly believe that 2021 is the year of the Digital Transformation of the asset management industry. This is the only way for the sector to...
  • Jan 29
  • 1 min

Governance 10 has arrived to help the Asset Management Sector accelerate its Digital Transformation

Governance.com unveils Governance 10 with a massive focus on business process automation and efficiency   With the goal of transforming the...